Celebrate Every Day

February 25-March 3

I believe food is best when shared with others. Think about someone showing up to work with a donut.
Now think about that same person showing up to work with a box of donuts to share. The second
scenario is WAY better to me! I think that when we share food with those around us we end up saying so much with our actions.
We are saying that they matter, that they were on our mind, that we want to bring them happiness.  Food has a way of bringing friends and family together. Some of my favorite memories of my past were experienced around the table with the ones I love.
Good deeds are great and that is what this past Sunday was all about. Something commonly spoken about is the concept of “pay it forward”. When you are the recipient of a good deed, you then reciprocate by performing a good deed to someone else. The impact this could have on the world is
Soup it Forward Day combined pay it forward with food which in my mind makes for an awesome day! Everyone loves a good meal and there is no better time than early March to show up unexpectedly on someone’s doorstep with a container of warm soup. And oh was it fun! Knowing all week that I was going to make food and unexpectedly show up to give it to someone brought me so much joy and excitement. If you are like me, your crockpot meals make way more than your family needs. So why not START doing this? Why not stop by and brighten someone’s day with a
meal, a dessert, or even a cup of coffee? If we want the world to be a different place we have to be willing to work to make it that way.

Some days I celebrate because I like the food or the drink, but the days when making a positive impact on someone else’s life are truly my favorite. I never imagined celebrating every day would lead to me being more intentional with my days and my personal relationships. The days when I send a card to a friend, show up to someone’s house with soup, or do a random act of kindness are the days that remind me that this should be done more than once a year. They also remind me that I don’t have one good reason for not doing these things more often.  With little or no effort at all we can all spread a little more JOY in the world!

The week ahead
March 4-National Grammar Day

March 5- Fat Tuesday

March 6-National Oreo Cookie Day

March 7- National Cereal Day

March 8- National Tartar Sauce Day

March 9- National Crabmeat Day

March 10- National Mario Day